Claudia Leisinger


Dir: Peter Berg
Stars: The Rock, Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, Rosario Dawson, Ewan Bremner
Out: 26th March 2004
Cert: 12A

Stepping out of his Scorpion King nappy and into the big boys’ playpen, wrestling superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson delivers a king-size smackdown to all puny doubters of his dramatic potential. OK, the only Hamlet he’ll ever try is a cigar but if his stone cold staring and basketball-sized biceps were a given, his natural screen charisma is a welcome surprise. Put simply, The Rock rocks.

Down by the Amazon his ‘retrieval expert’ Beck tangles with Walken’s rent-a-psycho and Scott’s goofy hustler over some mystical golden idol. Not that director Peter Berg cares; he’s busy gunning his turbo-charged star vehicle hell-for-leather into each kick-ass fight scene. Framed like a Grade A movie star from the outset and even deftly handling a few one-liners, it’s fitting that next action hero is advised early on to ‘have fun’ by the last, Arnie himself, in a priceless mantle-passing moment. He does. So should you.

* * * * (four stars)

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