Claudia Leisinger


Director: Frank Darabont
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins, Bob Gunton, William Sadler, Gil Bellows
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 17th September 2004

If you haven’t yet seen The Shawshank Redemption, chances are, like the film’s protagonists, you’ve been banged up in a maximum-security facility for the past decade. Finish paying your debt to society, then, by seeing this 10th anniversary reissue. No plot spoilers, all you need know is:

a scare-free Stephen King novella with a dreadful title, helmed by the writer of The Blob, became one of the best-loved films of all time.

until Mel Gibson slaughtered Jesus, the film most likely to be block-booked by fundamentalist Christian groups was a murder mystery / jailbreak pot-boiler about two men in prison who love each other.

Morgan Freeman could narrate a phone book and still turn a Neanderthal rugby squad into blubbering Dickie Attenboroughs.

good old-fashioned Hollywood storytelling isn’t inherently a bad thing.

this generation finally has its own It’s A Wonderful Life, an inspirational, life-affirming modern classic.

Now go redeem yourself.

* * * * * (five stars)

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