Claudia Leisinger


Director: Tracy Emin
Cast: Elizabeth Crawford, Laura Curnick, Katie Foster Barnes
Certificate: 18
Release Date: Dec 3rd 2004

Uh-oh. Controversial Artist ™Tracy Emin, she of the infamous Turner Prize-nominated ‘My Bed’, now snuggles up to the film world in her relentless quest to dress her diary up as art. Ostensibly following six teenage girls from Margate through various trials and tribulations, Emin elbows them all out of the spotlight from the beginning; five minutes of Grange Hill contains more insight into teenagers than her fatuous film. Late on one girl gazes into a glass case of stuffed animals that stare blankly back, offering nothing of interest to say. After watching this, you’ll know exactly how that feels.

* (one star)

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