Claudia Leisinger


Leigh graduated from Warwick University with a B.A (First Class) Honours Degree in Film and Literature. At university he devised and directed the world premiere stage adaptation of Steven Soderbergh’s film sex, lies, and videotape.

Leigh wrote, edited and directed the short film Arturo & The Amazing Flying Pigment, which premiered in cinemas in London and Zurich before screening on Swiss television. See the teaser trailer here.

Leigh is currently a freelance scriptwriter and writes regularly about film for several broadsheet, magazine and online outlets including The Independent, The Guardian, Empire, Total Film, Dazed & Confused, The Big Issue, Channel 4 and BBCi.


Leigh is a Program Advisor at the London Film Festival and former editor of Raindance Film magazine and Deputy Editor of Film & Festivals.

Read some examples of Leigh's film journalism.

Leigh has appeared on both radio (BBC Five Live and recently as a regular film critic for BBC Asian Network) and television (ITV News, Channel 5, Press TV's 'CinePolitics' show) as a film pundit and as a TV Presenter on pilot TV film programmes.

To see Leigh's interview showreel, click here.

He has also run TV Presenter Courses for TNTV Productions and DV filmmaking workshops and courses for adults and kids across London.

Leigh is an experienced DV director and editor and a former television Assistant Producer and Director for companies including Granada and the BBC.

Since 2003 Singer-Leisinger has specialised in short films about the arts.