Claudia Leisinger


Selected screenplays:

'My Heart, Your Soul'

A  coming-of-age tale set in 1960's London. A teenage boy's infatuation with the sounds of Motown and the label's most underrated songstress leadsto an unexpected bond when he meets the singer during Motown's first UK tour.



Horror / thriller.Twelve people sent mysterious astrology readingsbegin dying in bizarre ways related to their predictions - and personalities. The survivors must thwart a relentless supernatural evil sacrificing them to fulfill a terrifying ancient prophecy.


"Horrorscope' recently received a 'Strong Consider' review from renowned Hollywood screenplay analysts Script Shark and is currently being promoted through their Scouting Service.


Quarter-Finalist: Bluecat Screenplay Competition.



Romantic comedy drama. A young English guy cons his way into a job as a tour guide on a European coach tour for U.S students, to try and win back his Swiss ex-girlfriend who’s on the same trip.

Quarter-Finalist: Bluecat Screenplay Competition.


'Arturo & The Amazing Flying Pigment'

A lonely young boy, a mysterious artist and the sketch of a winged camel that comes to life - but can't quite fly... A charming fantasy about an unusual friendship, the power of belief and the nature of art.



‘Never Lies’
Dark voyeuristic thriller. A filmmaker covertly records two friends’ relationship break-up as the basis for his own film, then is discovered, leading them all into a dark journey of jealousy, obsession and violence.


The relationship between a severely disabled autistic and his devoted carer shifts when a life-altering change suddenly occurs. Bittersweet drama, adapted from the novel "Common Needs" by Warren FitzGerald.

'Street (Sm)Art'

Radio play. Comedy drama set at a London Urban Art Fair. 60 minutes.

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